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About Julie

Member of Complementary Therapists Association 


Julie initially trained and graduated at the Northern Institute of Massage, which is one of the oldest and most respected training establishments in the UK. She regularly attends CPD courses and workshops to keep up to date with current research and best practice within the massage world.

Julie offers the following therapies

Remedial Massage

Remedial massage is the name given to the act of Natural healing by the scientific manipulation of the soft tissues of the body, by the the therapist's hand for a curative or therapeutic effect. Both acute and chronic conditions benefit with this type of massage.

Integrated Myofascial Therapy

IMFT is a whole body multi-disciplinary approach to health care; it incorporates an integration of tried and tested advanced soft tissue techniques. It focuses on Myofascial restrictions, that can restrict blood flow, nerve transmission and affect tissue health. This therapy is suited to chronic conditions, giving consistently positive relief to scar tissue adhesions.

Posture plays a major role in the health of the muscular system. An unbalanced posture, either related to work, past injury or purely bad habits, puts a tremendous strain on the body, which can lead to pain, stiffness or discomfort within the soft tissues, and /or a reduction of flexibility in the joints.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

A form of massage therapy applied to parts of the body or successively to the whole body to aid the process of Lymphatic drainage. The therapy enhances immune function through circulatory and lymphatic stimulation, leading to decongestion of the tissues.

Heat Enhanced Lymphatic Therapy

HELTh is a combined massage and mild moist heat hyperthermia treatment. Its purpose is to provide a strong stimulus to the vascular and lymphatic systems.

This treatment is only available at Orchard Hill.

Pregnancy Massage

This form of massage is for women, who are at least 12wks, into stable pregnancy. It addresses the common aches and pains, that can appear at this special, natural stage of life. Like any form of massage there is both relaxation and a reduction in stress.

Julie firstly qualified in Remedial Massage, in 2001,she then continued her studies by training with LoisFreidlander-Small (Heat Enhanced Lymphatic Therapy), Grace Haliday (Deep Lymphatic Therapy), Mary Sanderson (Soft Tissue Release), Eddie Caldwell, Mark Fairclough, James Waslaski, Alan Elliot,Jane Johnson (Remedial Massage-Advanced Techniques), Ruth Duncan and Mary Cunningham (Integrated Myofascial Therapy), Declan Clark (Lymph Drainage and Pregnancy Massage), James Earls (Anatomy Trains-Myofascial Meridians) Jane Johnson (Advanced Stretching, Advanced Anatomy)

She treats adults of all ages, all treatments are tailored to the individual clients needs and expectations, as a result, a high percentage of clients are from personal referrals, or other practitioners. Also a number of clients attend for regular preventative treatments.

Clinic Locations:

The Well Natural Health Centre,

89 Institute Road, Kings Heath,

Birmingham. B14 7EU

0121 443 1580

Orchard Hill,

Rowney Green Lane,

Alvechurch, Birmingham B48 7EL

07788 422739

0121 445 1195


The Well, Kings Heath

Tues 1 30pm - 5 30pm

Orchard Hill, Rowney Green


Please contact me for an informal chat

Email:[email protected]

Please to book appointments at The Well contact

Telephone:- 0121 443 1580